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Lawsons Network in partnership with Lucid Financial Markets
are the trusted ally for individuals engaged in international markets.

What's is Private Office?

Lawsons Network via it's trusted partner Lucid Financial Markets provides specialised financial services to individuals seeking assistance with substantial international payments and fund transfers. We offer customised strategies and products for each client, guaranteeing they avail of the most trustworthy and dependable risk management services.


Customers can generate same-day or future-dated payments via the Lawsons Network platform, which includes immediate email confirmation and comprehensive payment details. Before establishing any new beneficiary, we conduct thorough checks to ascertain the accuracy of all details, thus eliminating any chance of settlement errors.


We're dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to our clients, fostering trust-based, enduring relationships. We offer specialized advice on the timing and execution of trades, as well as aid with intricate international transactions, helping our clients meet their targets and aspirations.

Being a reliable ally for high value individuals, Lawsons Network boasts a demonstrable track record in the financial and real estate sectors, positioning us optimally to assist clients in attaining the most favourable results.


Get in contact and we'll help you with our super fast onboarding process.


Agree rate, and settlement date with us, you can do this online or over the phone.


Transfer your funds to your new, secure, individual customer account.


We will send funds to designated account instructed by you.

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Why become a private client?

  • Send and receive secure international payments.

  • Tailored guidance and informed, efficient financial strategies.

  • Transfer or receive funds globally with your own named multi currency account.

  • Personalised support throughout.

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Personalised Service

Traditional banks often fail to provide a personalised service or competitive rates.

At Lucid Financial Markets, we assign each client a dedicated account manager that will be with you from the start. We're with you every step of the journey, always just a phone call away, ready to assist you with your international financial transactions.

Buy/Sell Property Abroad

Buying or selling property abroad is one of the most significant decisions you'll make. Our experienced traders have managed numerous property transactions and understand that even minor exchange rate savings can lead to substantial currency savings when dealing with large amounts.

Timing your exchange effectively is critical to optimize your funds, and we're here to support and guide you throughout every stage of this process.


We assist our clients in handling their finances when considering overseas relocation or moving back to the UK. Whether it's a lifestyle shift or your job is leading you globally, we're here to support.

One of our dedicated dealers will be tasked with overseeing your needs, providing you with necessary information to facilitate your transfer smoothly, and mitigating potential risks associated with exchange rate fluctuations.

Mortgage Payments

Offering no concealed charges and considerably superior rates than banks, our regular payment plan could be perfect for your mortgage payments.

You can select a specific time of the month to transfer funds, and we'll handle the rest, ensuring your money gets to your bank account promptly for your mortgage due date.

Salary Payments

Bank fees can significantly diminish your savings when conducting international transfers.

Whether you're working in the UK or overseas and aim to send your earnings home, our advantageous rates, absence of telegraphic transfer fees, and commission-free transfers can contribute substantially towards money-saving during your transaction process.

Pensions Overseas

We aid our clients in administering their finances when contemplating international migration or returning to the UK.

Perhaps it's a life alteration or your profession is propelling you globally. One of our dedicated brokers will be tasked with overseeing your financial needs and providing essential information to facilitate your funds transfer, all the while reducing potential uncertainties linked with fluctuating exchange rates.

How we help our clients:

Lucid Financial Markets offers numerous solutions for all of your foreign exchange and transaction needs...

Research and analysis of international markets.

Utilise payment tracking tools or software.

Regularly review/optimise account structure.

Leverage global payment platforms.

Reliable pricing for foreign exchange transactions.

Justified foreign exchange costs compared to value.

Effective currency trading solutions and services.

Easy online functionality.

Proactive risk management and strategy.

Utilisation of management financial instruments.

Comprehensive risk assessment and reporting.

Financial risk monitoring.

'Complete professionalism, highly responsive and a pleasure to deal with'

Private Office

If you're looking to make high-value transactions such as property purchases or investments abroad.


Grow your business and improve client relations with a partnership with us.

Corporate Clients

Reliable strategic and risk management services for corporate companies and enterprises.

Lucid Online

We have a unique digital platform that gives you direct access to the market.

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Don't just take our word for it...

''Moving money between countries is often fraught with worry, a concern that spans continents. David, however, stood out as an expert, providing a crystal-clear explanation of the intricate process and meticulously sorting out all the crucial details. His professional guidance was invaluable. The exchange rates offered surpassed the conventional bank rate significantly.''

M & S - Aintree

United Kingdom

"I recently used Lucid Financial for a FX trade while investing in property abroad. The whole transaction was smooth and seamless, and David walked me through everything and secured a great rate. His service and expertise and knowledge are what impressed me the most and I will definitely be using LFM again for future transactions."

Graham White

South Africa

''I was recently recommended Lucid Financial to assist with an overseas property purchase during extremely volatile foreign exchange markets. David Huggett and the team went above and beyond which ultimately resulted in saving us thousands of pounds on the transaction. They are a pleasure to deal with and I could not recommend them more highly. ''

Lauren Cook


''I have previously done a numerous amount of foreign currency trades with this Lucid Financial Markets. They offer a very professional and effective service, going above and beyond in understanding and servicing their clients, they ensure in providing an excellent insight into the foreign exchange market and an absolute pleasure to work with.


United Kingdom

''If you have like me, been inundated with people from the City calling telling you they can save you thousands on your FX, for it all to turn out to be the same short term “fix” and after a few months you are back where you started. If like me all you really want is someone you can trust to give you sound, honest, long term advice then I can definitely recommend Lucid Financial Markets.''

Anna Eriksson

United Kingdom

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