Expanding international financial services to industry professionals or companies and their clients.

What are partnerships?

A partnership with us will enable you to extend your services and build trust with your clients by referring trusted experts.

Is this for me?

If you are an accountant, solicitor, wealth manager, or real estate professional, we can help you to facilitate fast, reliable international transactions for your clients.


High net worth individuals work with people that they know and trust. A referral network is a strong way to maintain that trust with your clients. We firmly believe that building a strong, healthy relationship with clients is foundational to any business. Partnering with Lucid will enable you to extend additional cost-saving benefits to your clients to leave an outstanding lasting impression with them.


Enhance client experience by referring them, expanding your offerings and expertise.


We advise our clients. We never push them into transactions.


We secure swift, safe fund settlement for successful transactions.


We keep you informed throughout and communicate upon successful transfer.

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Why become a partner?

  • Provide your clients with time and cost-saving solutions.

  • Enhance your client service quality, outshine your competitors.

  • Enjoy a swift and straightforward installation process!

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The benefits your client receives from you partnering with us:

Knowledge and Information

Drawing on over 15 years of robust experience within the financial and foreign exchange markets, our experts have individually managed thousands of currency exchanges and international payments, invariably ensuring the utmost security for your valued clients.

Commercial Rates

Lucid Financial Markets' expertise procures top exchange rates, thereby optimising your clients' transaction value significantly. Our entirely transparent process confidently excludes any hidden fees or unexpected costs when purchasing currency.

Personalised Attention

With extensive experience servicing hundreds of clients effectively, we are committed to providing individual attention. Each client referred to us receives tailored support at each progression stage, prioritising optimal outcomes without compromising our high standard of service quality.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Your clients can manage their accounts, transfer money, and seek information online anytime, from any global location. They'll receive top-tier guidance, understand their transactions, and have complete peace of mind.

Partnership Support

We will support you to get the most out of a partnership with us.

Extend Your Services

As a partner, we are an extension of your team. That means that you can present our services as an additional feature so you can add value to your offerings and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Access Our Services

Our technology and infrastructure enable us to facilitate multiple or batch payments to regular and new recipients.

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