Trade Types

Trading options include spot trades, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, forward trading, and market orders.

1. Spot

Spot trades are for those looking to make a transaction at a particular moment in time or investors or for investors looking to act quickly based on market conditions.

All you need to do is call us and agree the rate at which to buy or sell an asset (currency or commodities). We will then take care of the rest: providing advice, executing the trade and settling the funds according to the agreed terms.

2. Forward

A forward is a trade where two parties agree to buy or sell an asset (commodity or currency) at a predetermined price in the future.

This is particularly useful for volatile markets where exchange rates are fluctuating rapidly, so that investors can lock in a particular price of an asset

This is for you if you want to lock in a good exchange rate but you don't need the funds until a later date.

3. Market Orders

Market orders are for when you want to target a rate that is better than the prevailing rate.

Simply let us know the rate you'd like to target, and we'll sort the rest.

4. Analysis

Analysing the markets is our bread and butter - we use two types of analysis to give you the best picture available.

Fundamental analysis is for assessing the financial health, future prospects, and overall economic factors that can affect the asset's value. Technical analysis assesses past market trends and patterns to identify potential price movements in the future.

This two-pronged approach lets us give our clients a 360 evaluation of an asset's potential.

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