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Reliable strategic and risk management services for corporate companies and enterprises.

How do we help corporate clients?

If your main objective is price, then we may not be for you.

There are two main things you should care about when it comes to your transaction: 

1) Your foreign exchange strategy being in the best place possible

2) Your foreign exchange policy constantly being monitored and adapted over time based on the market.

Pushy scare tactics from the industry will tell you otherwise.

At Lucid, we care about your overall strategy, informed by the smaller individual tactics that will get you results.

1. Register

Get on a call with our founder, David and we'll get you onboarded super fast.

2. Trade

We'll guide you on rate, settlement date and you can do this online or over the phone.

3. Settle

Transfer your funds to your new, secure, individual customer account.

4. Complete

We will send funds to designated account instructed by you.

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Why become a corporate client?

  • No scaremongering or pushy tactics

  • Guidance that you can actually understand

  • Always doing that little bit extra for you to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly and (more importantly) that you feel informed and reassured

  • Industry-leading advice and support at every step

Get a comprehensive understanding of our services and solutions with our informative brochure.

Risk Management

Foreign exchange is complex - we get that. If you're looking for a team that can cut through the jargon and confusion and get you an answer you understand, then we're here to help.

Currency Invoicing

If you invoice in other currencies, we can provide local collection through accounts in your name.

Multiple Payments

If you are sending regular or batch payments, we can save you time and money by streamlining the process.

Salary Payments

If you have employees or offices overseas, we can ensure that your staff get paid on time, every time with significant cost savings.

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